More attacks for the immigrant community

Since this administration too office, the immigrant community has been engulfed in a nightmare. Every day we hear news of attack on immigrants, if not by ICE, it is by regular citizens that believing the lies some leaders tell them–as when they tell them that the immigrants are to be blamed for their poverty. they attack and some times even kill immigrants. This time the HAITI COMMUNITY wake up to the news that their Temporary status that had protected them from deportation has been suspended and the protection will last only to 18 months from now. As to other immigrants from central America, the Temporary status (TPS) for the Haitians was approved after the big earthquake that killed more that 200,000 people in Haiti, and looking at the conditions of their birth country, if deported, the Haitian families, which include many childrem who are US citizens will not have a place to go because Haiti is inundated by problems that go from the lack of fertile soil to guarantied food security to  prevalent endemics of cholera and other diseases. We, the immigrant community should not despair and continue fighting for our right to free of harassment, our right to work, our right to rise a family, our right to live free.

News about Immigration

Thousands of immigrants fro  Central American countries that are been living here in the US under the Temporary Protection Status called TPS that favored immigrants from 10 countries including Honduras and Nicaragua after hurricane Mitch and Haiti after the 2010 earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people. The status for nicaraguans until january 2019 and Hondurans for six moths. Last week, there was the news that the White House Chief of Staff John Kelly try to pressure the Acting Department of Homeland Security Elaine Duke to cancel the status of the immigrants from Honduras protected under the TPS.  The countries from which this immigrants came have many problems as lack of employment, humans right violations, weak infra structure, violence, lack of security, lack of food security, police and military violence etc… it wold be a human catastrophe, but as there are some who are interested in deporting millions of people, there are others–people, politicians, organizations, churches and legislator that are pressuring the government to find a permanent solution.

Why undocumented Children ask for asylum

Since 2012 unaccompanied children started crossing the border of the United States. But, it was until 2016 that the influx reached more than 60,000 children. To get to the US border that crossed the border. According to PBS, those children came from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.  The children travel more than 3,000 miles and crossed at least three border. The danger are so many that even adults don’t make it, just in the first seven months of this year 323 migrants had lost their lives.

Normally parents don’t trust their children to unknown people, not to say exposing them to such danger. The reality is that they are just trying to save their children lives.

Since the 70s the United States started the War on Drugs, which had costed billions of Dollars to the United States citizens. Instead of solving the problem of drug addiction had increased violence, corruption, deteriorated Humans Rights. The deterioration of life in the north triangle countries–EL Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala–causing growing violence in places where the lack of justice and the inattention of the governments toward the most vulnerable citizens cause them distrust of their government and the need to emigrate seeking for a safe place where they can give their children a future.

The war on drugs had not solve the problem of drug addictions in the United States, instead, had cause violence in the places where it is fought and the influx of undocumented people into the US and Mexico, seeking for safety.

The war on Drugs and The Violence in Central America

The War on Drugs is escalating violence once more in Central America, according to “The Economist” in an article published April 14, 2011, called the attention that countries as Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador–the North triangle–and where the war on drugs as now been extended, have transformed those places into the most violent places in the world.  The situation had grown  out of proportions and had caused people seeking for safe place for them and their families to emigrate into the US or to take their children out from those countries to Mexico or the US, which are safe places. We see with the influx of undocumented children getting into the US border and now being detained indefinitely in detention centers. Undocumented immigrants do not want to leave their countries, but, they had in order to save their lives.



Why it is good for the United States to give legal status to the “dreamers”

The dreamers are children brought into the United States as children by their parents when they immigrated into the Unites States. many are the reasons that make the parents to immigrate, among those reasons are the lack of democracy, the corruption of governments, and in Latin America the the violence caused as a result of the war on drugs. The war on drugs has created corruption of institutions and individuals at every level of the society in the affected countries, causing its citizens to emigrate to places where they feel secure, in this case, the United States.In the United States, immigrants can give their families an opportunity to live better. The War on drugs is been going for 50 years, costing tax payers $100 billion a year,  money that instead should be invested in improving [people lives and democracy.

Before the 90s, immigrants were mostly men that used to come to the US to work in farming, but since the 90s, with the changing of laws the parents neither their children could get legal status.

Dreamers are from many places, not just from Mexico and Central America, and the only country they know is the United States.

Daca recipients have full time jobs and have families, deporting them to countries they don’t know would cause a terrible humanitarian crisis on them, their families and the countries where they came from.

Removing DACA benefits leaves a huge pool of young people in limbo for who knows how long.

The Trump Administration order the cancellation of the Green Card Lottery

 After last week’s terror attack in New York City that killed 8 people, for which Isis claimed responsibility, President Trump called congress to end the “Green card lottery”, blamming immigrants for the terrorist attack. The trump administration, trying to gain the support of white, poor and not educated citizens, blames immigrants for all the problems citizens face, when in reality, as  Representative Peter King said, immigrants who had come under the Lottery visa had made oustanding contributions to society by becoming citizens paying taxes. Also, in the same interview that  Amy Goodman does to Yalanda Rondon, she said that the “diversity visa program was inspired and pushed to provide access and opportunity that, without this, many persons across the world would not have access to, you know, work hard and build toward the American dream and provide for their families and get the innovation that only the United States can provide”
Brown and black immigrants, as those coming from Latin America for whom ultra conservatives groups direct their wrath, are experiencing a rising rate of crime crimes that had increased since this administration took office. Those immigrants love America, because America had provide them with opportunities their countries had denied them, as the opportunity to give their families a better future.