The Trump Administration order the cancellation of the Green Card Lottery

 After last week’s terror attack in New York City that killed 8 people, for which Isis claimed responsibility, President Trump called congress to end the “Green card lottery”, blamming immigrants for the terrorist attack. The trump administration, trying to gain the support of white, poor and not educated citizens, blames immigrants for all the problems citizens face, when in reality, as  Representative Peter King said, immigrants who had come under the Lottery visa had made oustanding contributions to society by becoming citizens paying taxes. Also, in the same interview that  Amy Goodman does to Yalanda Rondon, she said that the “diversity visa program was inspired and pushed to provide access and opportunity that, without this, many persons across the world would not have access to, you know, work hard and build toward the American dream and provide for their families and get the innovation that only the United States can provide”
Brown and black immigrants, as those coming from Latin America for whom ultra conservatives groups direct their wrath, are experiencing a rising rate of crime crimes that had increased since this administration took office. Those immigrants love America, because America had provide them with opportunities their countries had denied them, as the opportunity to give their families a better future.

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