Why it is good for the United States to give legal status to the “dreamers”

The dreamers are children brought into the United States as children by their parents when they immigrated into the Unites States. many are the reasons that make the parents to immigrate, among those reasons are the lack of democracy, the corruption of governments, and in Latin America the the violence caused as a result of the war on drugs. The war on drugs has created corruption of institutions and individuals at every level of the society in the affected countries, causing its citizens to emigrate to places where they feel secure, in this case, the United States.In the United States, immigrants can give their families an opportunity to live better. The War on drugs is been going for 50 years, costing tax payers $100 billion a year,  money that instead should be invested in improving [people lives and democracy.

Before the 90s, immigrants were mostly men that used to come to the US to work in farming, but since the 90s, with the changing of laws the parents neither their children could get legal status.

Dreamers are from many places, not just from Mexico and Central America, and the only country they know is the United States.

Daca recipients have full time jobs and have families, deporting them to countries they don’t know would cause a terrible humanitarian crisis on them, their families and the countries where they came from.

Removing DACA benefits leaves a huge pool of young people in limbo for who knows how long.

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