Why undocumented Children ask for asylum

Since 2012 unaccompanied children started crossing the border of the United States. But, it was until 2016 that the influx reached more than 60,000 children. To get to the US border that crossed the border. According to PBS, those children came from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.  The children travel more than 3,000 miles and crossed at least three border. The danger are so many that even adults don’t make it, just in the first seven months of this year 323 migrants had lost their lives.

Normally parents don’t trust their children to unknown people, not to say exposing them to such danger. The reality is that they are just trying to save their children lives.

Since the 70s the United States started the War on Drugs, which had costed billions of Dollars to the United States citizens. Instead of solving the problem of drug addiction had increased violence, corruption, deteriorated Humans Rights. The deterioration of life in the north triangle countries–EL Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala–causing growing violence in places where the lack of justice and the inattention of the governments toward the most vulnerable citizens cause them distrust of their government and the need to emigrate seeking for a safe place where they can give their children a future.

The war on drugs had not solve the problem of drug addictions in the United States, instead, had cause violence in the places where it is fought and the influx of undocumented people into the US and Mexico, seeking for safety.

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