News about Immigration

Thousands of immigrants fro  Central American countries that are been living here in the US under the Temporary Protection Status called TPS that favored immigrants from 10 countries including Honduras and Nicaragua after hurricane Mitch and Haiti after the 2010 earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people. The status for nicaraguans until january 2019 and Hondurans for six moths. Last week, there was the news that the White House Chief of Staff John Kelly try to pressure the Acting Department of Homeland Security Elaine Duke to cancel the status of the immigrants from Honduras protected under the TPS.  The countries from which this immigrants came have many problems as lack of employment, humans right violations, weak infra structure, violence, lack of security, lack of food security, police and military violence etc… it wold be a human catastrophe, but as there are some who are interested in deporting millions of people, there are others–people, politicians, organizations, churches and legislator that are pressuring the government to find a permanent solution.

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