More attacks for the immigrant community

Since this administration too office, the immigrant community has been engulfed in a nightmare. Every day we hear news of attack on immigrants, if not by ICE, it is by regular citizens that believing the lies some leaders tell them–as when they tell them that the immigrants are to be blamed for their poverty. they attack and some times even kill immigrants. This time the HAITI COMMUNITY wake up to the news that their Temporary status that had protected them from deportation has been suspended and the protection will last only to 18 months from now. As to other immigrants from central America, the Temporary status (TPS) for the Haitians was approved after the big earthquake that killed more that 200,000 people in Haiti, and looking at the conditions of their birth country, if deported, the Haitian families, which include many childrem who are US citizens will not have a place to go because Haiti is inundated by problems that go from the lack of fertile soil to guarantied food security to  prevalent endemics of cholera and other diseases. We, the immigrant community should not despair and continue fighting for our right to free of harassment, our right to work, our right to rise a family, our right to live free.

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