Why this blog?

This blog was created with the idea of sharing information with the Latino Community. The future of undocumented people is one of those concerns.  We have seen that the Trump administration is filled with people who embrace anti-immigration sentiment, and because of that, any stance they take will affect us as a community.

Undocumented people came to this nation dreaming for a place where they could  be safe from persecution. A place where they would be respected in their whole humanity. They believed in the American Dream…

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA is an issue of great interest. But not everybody knows what it is, who are the beneficiaries, who the recipients , how many are they, or even how will they be affected if the benefit is terminated.

Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in a place where you had never been before. A place where the spoken language is different than yours. A place where you don’t know any one.  And you have to live there and to start your life from scratch…

Who are the dreamers? 

To give protection to some people, In 2012, the Obama Administration approved a bill called Deferred Action for Childhood arrivals (DACA). Allowing certain people to have work permits and for a period of two years, renewable upon good behavior.

The bill had protected an average of 800,000 people since 2014.  But last week, the Trump administration announced the end of DACA, and called to the Congress to “act soon” I supposed he meant, if they want to change the fate of the DACA beneficiaries.  Later he said that he “feel sorry for them” and that a “long term solution” would be better.

Since the enactment of DACA there has been a great deal of support for this bill, specially the business community. Since the “Dreamers” are young people who are active contributors to the economy. Most of them are working in the industries of technology, health care, and many of them are entrepreneurs.

But not everybody supports DACA, there are also some people that believe that DACA recipients are taking the jobs of American Workers. Also, without searching for information, they believe that DACA is giving citizenship to “illegals”. The truth is that the program did not provided lawful immigration status, instead, granted qualified recipients, a deferral from the possibility of being removed from the US.

I cannot imagine how it will be like to sent more that half a million people to countries where they do not know anything, They are unknown to the people there and nobody know them. It will be a human catastrophe! not just for them but also for their families. Their children are US citizens. They are a second generation that only speak English.

To be able to fill for DACA, there were  many requirement the recipients had to provide. They had to prove that they were here n the US  before the age of 16. That they were under 31 years of age when the program started 5 years ago. They had to be enrolled in school or college and also, they had to have not criminal record.

After the first announcing that he had ended DACA, President Trump has softened his stance, and apparently looking to find a good solution, he had gotten an agreement with the Democrats. Conservatives are arguing that if DACA is allowed to continue, it is an amnesty, and that that will cause a chain migration reaction.

What will happen to DACA recipients is still unknown. We still hope. We hope  that the light of freedom we found here in US soil, will continue shinning our lives as the light of the sun that warms everyone the same.