Migration to the North, from the North Triangle.

Since 2012, unaccompanied children started to try to cross the borders of the United Staes, which reached it maximum on 2016 when more than 60,000 children showed to the borders. The travel is so dangerous that many people die trying to cross, just in the first seven months of this year, there were 323 deaths. Usually parents don’t trust their children to unknown people, not to say to let them to travel alone, some of this children traveled more than 3000 miles.

The war on drugs that cost US citizens billion of Dollars, has not solve in the United States the problem of drug addiction, instead, it has increased corruption, Humans Rights violations and violence on such levels that the people needs to scape to save their lives and that of their children. It is a shame that billions of Dollars had been and continued to being wasted, in trying to solve the problem of drugs dependency in the US, instead, that money had turned miserable the lives of innocent people.




Not allowed to dream in the land of dreams…

The Dreamers have until October 5 to renew their permission under DACA that would allowed them to continue working and studying in the United States. However, it is up to Congress to renew the bill or to let it die. If DACA dies, it will expose more than 800,000 young men an women – that form part of the 21 century work force in the United States – to deportation!

If these young men and women are deported, they will be sent to places where they have no connection; they do not speak the language, don’t know the culture and have no connections to start a new life. It will be like sending them into exile. And what have they done to deserve that punishment?  Their parents were just looking for a better life, looking for a place where they could live in peace because their countries of origin had become – and in most cases still are – unlivable.

The support for the dreamers is very substantial, especially from the business and faith communities. Recently, the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) called on Congress to promptly pass legislation that permanently protects these individuals and allows them to fully integrate into American life. However, the base of support for President Trump think and pressure his administration for the deportation of all undocumented immigrants – especially if they had come from countries like Mexico or Central and South America. A more succinct way to say this is: they have brown skin.

If all hell breaks loose and the hunt for undocumented immigrants starts on a grand scale – legal or not legal – brown skin people are the ones that are going to be targeted. This policy, besides of being against the principles of the respect for the human dignity, also it denied the natural right of migration, which is a natural right to freedom. A natural right is a right inherent to our humanity; this is what the United States has always stood for. Immigrants of all colors and ethnicities have brought to this country their  ideas. This has made this country a great country, a country where people can reinvent themselves  – making themselves what they always dreamed of for themselves and their families.




What is DACA?

The policy, introduced 2012, protects so-called DREAMers, or immigrants who would have qualified for protection under the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors act (DREAM), a bipartisan bill introduced in the Senate in 2001 with the intent of carving out a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who had come into the US before turning 16.

The criteria of eligibility for the DREAM act included:

  • Having entered the US with a non-immigrant visa
  • Having documented arrival in the US before turning 16
  • Having lived in the US for at least five consecutive years since arriving
  • If male, having registered with the selective service for potential military conscription
  • Being between the ages of 12 and 35;
  • Having been admitted, attending, or having graduated from an American high school
  • Having passed a General Education Development test (GED)
  • Being of “good moral character”

(Though the DREAM act failed to pass, as did many variations of the DREAM bill, the group it was going to protect has since been referred to as DREAMers.)

The DACA policy reflects some of the provisions that were part of the DREAM act, granting DREAMers renewable, two-year deferrals from deportation, as well as permits to work in the US.

According to the American Immigration Council, up to 1.8 million immigrants—over half of them in California and Texas—were eligible for DACA when the program went into effect. According to former Obama Homeland Security appointee Eric Columbus, 780,000 people benefit from the program at the moment.

What do Americans think of DACA?

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